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A Joyous Eid-ul-Fitr to all…

Assalaamu-Alykum Waragmatul-Laahi Wabarakaatu

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All Praise is due to Allah – the Lord of Worlds…

May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon his final Prophet, Muhammed (SAW), his family, his companions and all those who follow him.

We, the People Against Gangsterism & Drugs (PAGAD), bid the holy month of Ramadaan a sad farewell and pray that we will be amongst those who will experience yet another blessed month of Ramadaan, Inshaa-Allah.

As the cries of Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar reverberate across the cities, towns, planes and valleys all over the world, PAGAD greet you on this blessed day of EID, a day of truth, a day of hope, and a day of true liberation.

The day of Eid is a day of great joy, celebrations and festivities. But remember, for many of our brothers and sisters across the globe, Eid is a day of continued suffering and hardships at the hands of the oppressors. We think of all the victims of gangsterism and drugs, and all the victims of oppression across the world. Our hearts go out to the mothers and fathers who have no idea where their children are – due to the effects of the scourge of gangsterism and drugs that is destroying our communities. Our youth are dying physically and spiritually due to gangsterism and drugs. We have heard and seen how our youth have been terrified to go to school because of the gang violence in our areas. Our societies are engulfed by this evil scourge. We are being terrorized by the gangs in areas like Manenberg, Netreg, Katlehong, and all over our country. On this day of Eid, we make dua for those who are caught up in these evils; we make dua that Allah grants them the strength and courage to come back onto the straight path, Inshaa-Allah. On this day of Eid, we make dua that Allah will give us the courage to continue with our work in the infested communities, and not let us be diverted by agents trying to derail our programme.

As an Ummah we have spent the last month reciting or listening to the beautiful recitation of the Glorious Quran. Brothers and sisters, the only way we are going to solve and get rid of all the evils in this world is when we start implementing all the beautiful verses that were recited across the globe during this month of Ramadaan. Our challenge as an Ummah is that we hesitate and are afraid to implement what our tongues and lips recite so beautifully. We are afraid to implement the word of ALLAH!

We cannot and should never be comfortable in a world full of evil, full of crime, full of gangsterism, full of oppression, full of drugs, full of poverty, starvation, homelessness and corruption. We cannot, and will not, wait for our so-called leadership to show us the way. We have seen how our leadership is embroiled in petty arguments and how they have become the puppets of Western Powers. We, as the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad (SAW), don’t have time for the games that the leadership plays. Our responsibility is to implement Allah’s word and follow Allah’s instruction.

On this day of Eid let us make a commitment to build this Ummah, Inshaa-Allah. We need to build this Ummah because the forces of evil, destruction and oppression are engulfing us all across the globe. We need to work hard to build this Ummah. We need an Ummah that is sober; we need an Ummah that is sane; we need an Ummah that is equipped and willing to confront and fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head, Inshaa-Allah.

Our solution (so very close to us) is our Glorious Quran – the guidance and instruction from our Creator!

Oh Allah, on this blessed day of Eid, guide us in the direction of God consciousness, truth, firmness and patience – so that we may have the courage to implement that which is truthful and oppose and fight that which is evil.

Oh Allah, guide us on to the straight path and grant us the courage, the strength and the wisdom to continue this fight against gangsterism and drugs; and all forms of oppression, Inshaa-Allah.

Oh Allah, grant us, and all the oppressed over the world, power, commitment and patience to destroy the oppressors and grant us victory or Martyrdom, Inshaa-Allah.


To the Muslims Worldwide, PAGAD says

Allah is the Greatest!  Allah is the Greatest!!  Allah is the Greatest!!!


Eid Mubarak to All!

The PAGAD Movement

If you are privileged to be in the Mother City*, please join us for our annual Mass Eid Salaah @ Rygate Sportsfield (next to Johnson Road Cemetery), Athlone, 08:00.

* To negate the inclement weather forecasted, Eid proceedings will be rendered undercover in a marquee.

EID Mubarak everyone!!


Recent Events…

Our campaign of establishing PAGAD Branches countrywide continues. Branch Events are being scheduled on an ongoing basis. Watch the poster banners above for further details.

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We greet you in the name of peace and justice.

PAGAD embarked on a motorcade after evening prayers on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 – in a show of support for rehabilitated victims of drug-abuse and those victims who are still suffering.

Despite a show of heavy police presence at the motorcade’s starting point, the convoy continued its anti-drug awareness program through the streets of Belgravia Estate. If only the South African Police Services (SAPS) can similarly respond with their full might to the community’s calls for help when gangsters are shooting at them and merchants are selling drugs to innocent children and vulnerable people.

The record shows that the SAPS only display their full strength and speedy response when PAGAD has an awareness program against gangsterism and drugs. This unnecessary show of heavy police presence at PAGAD’s motorcade is a clear indication that the government is not serious about eradicating the scourge of gangsterism and drugs from our communities.

The motorcade drove through the Vlei (backstreets of Belgravia Estate) where drugs are sold on every street corner and in every street. Two known drug-merchants in Burwood Road, Lansdowne and in Belgravia, respectively, were given verbal warnings to stop their illegal activities.

The Vlei is one of many areas where our children from different homes and all over the Cape, flock to, to purchase drugs. PAGAD believes that strong police presence should be visible and maintained in communities who are suffering under the continuous violence perpetrated by gangsters.

Our communities are not safe in their homes; they are not safe on their way to work; on their way to school; to a surgery; or to do their shopping – as they are being targeted by gangsters. Since the school holidays, the PAGAD Centre has been inundated with calls from frantic parents who are worried about their children’s safety while they are at work. PAGAD calls upon SAPS to respond with urgency to alerts of gang-fights and drug-dealings in our communities.

Worcester Liquor Store Swoop…

PAGAD welcomes the police swoop on a liquor store in Worcester, who’s owner has allegedly been keeping the identity books, Sassa and bank cards of farmworkers as security to repay their debts. PAGAD’s National Coordinator, Abdus-Salaam Ebrahim, described it as a crime against the poor and oppressed people. “This despicable practice has been in existence for many years. During apartheid, farmworkers were of the most exploited working force, and it’s a crime against humanity that they continue to be vulnerable because of poverty”, he said.

Ebrahim said that the police and Liquor Act should extend their raids on other liquor stores, legal and illegal shebeens who are guilty of the same practices.

“We also call upon the police to raid the homes of drug-merchants who are destroying lives. Drug-merchants are also guilty of taking stolen items from drug-addicts. The police must raid the homes of these merchants and arrest them,” he said.

PAGAD also applauds the community member who reported the matter. “We call upon communities to stand up against any form of injustices. We must feel the pain of those suffering and eradicate the evils in our communities,” Ebrahim stated.

Ramadaan Message 2013…


All praise is due to Allah, we glorify Him and we thank Allah most high for giving us the month of Ramadaan, an opportunity to change and to re-look at our lives to get closer to the One who created us, an opportunity to purify us and to ask for forgiveness.

We ask Allah to put our salutations on Muhammad (SAW) the final prophet of Allah and all the prophets before him, their family and friends who stood with him.

“O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)”

~ Al Qur’an: Surah Al-Baqarah Verse 183

Ramadaan is a gift to Muslims to find our way back to Allah (SWT), a month which benefits a believer tremendously. It is also a shortest and simplest path to seek Nisbat (relationship, connection) with Allah (SWT).

This gift of Ramadaan bestowed on us by Allah (SWT) must be taken serious and with sincere commitment. Should we fail to truly accept this gift of Ramadaan, then our fasting, our special prayers and the reading of the Qur’an will be meaningless and we will not reach our spiritual goal.

If we do not apply what Allah says in the Qur’an correctly, but rather selectively, then we are only fooling ourselves during this month of Ramadaan. How can one fast and hope to attain high spiritual levels, yet we fail to stand for righteousness and justice.

Ramadaan is also an opportunity to bury divisions amongst us and to strive for the true message of Tauheed. When the first martyr gave her life it was for Islam and seyyidina Bilal was tortured for Allah (SWT). Therefore Pagad hopes that this month of Ramadaan will see us stand together as a united front against capitalism, socialism, communism, tribalism, Satanism, crime and corruption. If we do not strive towards tauheed and uphold the kalimah, Ramadaan will be meaningless.

The Ummah is faced with many challenges and we need to reinforce the principal of tawheed and only that will allow us to rise above the scourge of shaitaan who uses capitalism, socialism, communism, tribalism, Satanism, crime, corruption, gangsterism, drugs, and all other social ills infested in our communities, to keep us away from the path of Islam. We plea to Allah (SWT) to make it easy on those who are enduring hardships, homelessness, unemployment and those who live without basic service deliveries.

We, PAGAD plea to the Ummah of Mustapha Muhammad (SAW) to use this month to make a difference in our lives, the lives of the oppressed and of mankind at large. We make du’a that Ramadaan gives us enough courage and strength to stand up and defend our societies against the scourge of capitalism, gangsterism and drugs.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to give strength to all those brothers and sisters unjustly incarcerated. We pray that Allah gives us victory over the satanic forces who are killing the Muslims globally.

During this month we also plea to Allah (SWT) to bestow his mercy on our deceased parents, to put contentment in the hearts of the sick who cannot fast and to give strength to all those who can fast, to place sabre in the hearts of families who have loved ones in prison because they challenged gangsterism and drugs. We make du’a that Allah (SWT) will unite this Ummah for the love of Allah and Allah alone, Inshaa-Allah.

Ramadaan Kareem! Ramadaan Mubarak!!

A Tribute to Ebrahim Salie…

We, the People Against Gangsterism & Drugs (PAGAD) greet you in the name of Truth, Peace and Justice.

Our beloved brother, Ebrahim Salie (brother of PAGAD Executive Member, Abdullah Salie) passed away tragically on Sunday, 6th January 2013.

Ebrahim was enjoying a family outing when the he slipped and fell while hiking near the top of Lion’s Head. He died instantly, having sustained serious head and hip injuries.

Ebrahim was a committed and active PAGAD member and a very dedicated family man too. His compassionate, courageous and fearless demeanor made him stand out firmly against gangsterism and drugs. He made many sacrifices to safeguard our youth and community against the evil scourge.

Ebrahim was one of our members that one could always rely upon. He would be the one to normally come to the rescue when distressed mothers call up PAGAD in the middle of the night – seeking help for their intoxicated sons and daughters.

We salute him for the person that he was; a sincere and good Believer. We support his family through this difficult time.

May the Almighty grant him a good place in the hereafter, and put contentment in the hearts of his family.

Noordgesig embraces PAGAD…

Judging from the reception that members received during their last campaign in Gauteng earlier this year, it is clear that the oppressed and underprivileged communities of Noordgesig and Eldorado Park have truly embraced PAGAD. So much so, that the campaign will now be taken to the adjacent areas of Katlehong and Westbury over the next few days. We pledge all residents, whether affected or not affected by the scourge of gangsterism and drugs, to support the endeavors of the PAGAD Branches in your area.

Ramadaan & Eid 1433 AH ~ August 2012…

A Joyous Eid-ul-Fitr to all…

 Assalaamu-Alykum Waragmatul-Laahi Wabarakaatu

The People Against Gangsterism & Drugs wishes all Muslims a happy, joyous and purposeful Eid-ul-Fitr, Inshaa-Allah.

If you’re privileged to be in the Mother City*, please join us for our annual Mass Eid Salaah @ Rygate Sportsfield (next to Johnson Road Cemetery), Athlone, 08:00.

* To negate the inclement weather forecasted, Eid proceedings will be carried out in a marquee.

EID Mubarak everyone!!

Ramadaan 1433 AH ~ August 2012

Wishing all Muslims Well over the Month of Ramadaan. We trust that the Month of Ramadaan will bring Spirtual Upliftment and Contentment to all of us. Refer to the attached Ramadaan Timetable for a summary of our Ramadaan Programme.

A Beacon of Hope…

On Sunday, 5 August 2012, PAGAD facilitated a Public Meeting in Beacon Valley. Similar to the previous week, members went on a door-to-door campaign issuing pamphlets to the residents in the area – urging them to join forces against all social issues that are affecting them. The support was once-again overwhelming. PAGAD members instilled a sense of hope in the residents of Beacon Valley, as they encouraged residents to mobilize against the drug and alcohol abuse that is affecting our young generation of today. What was clearly evident was the fact that a large number of young males had attended the meeting – a trait that is normally reserved for our distressed mothers and wives. It is also gratifying to know that there are youngsters out there that are willing to make a difference; and in so doing to save their community. Their eagerness to participate is really encouraging, and it is an indication of the energy that the residents are willing to inject into the campaign.

In his address to the crowd, the coordinator for the Beacon Valley branch made the startling disclosure that the local Imaam is allowing gangsters into the mosque, embracing them and encouraging them to unite in order to make peace. All this, while he discourages the intervention by PAGAD – by not allowing them a platform in the mosque to do a pre-khutbah talk on the gangsterism and drugs.

PAGAD plans to have a Mass March in the area a few weeks time (after Ramadaan), Inshaa-Allah.

Police Harass PAGAD in Manenberg…

Sunday, 29 July 2012

We, the People Against Gangsterism & Drugs (PAGAD) greet you in the name of Truth, Peace and Justice.

PAGAD remains committed in its objective to eradicate gangsterism and drugs.

On Sunday 29 July 2012, PAGAD members went on a door-to-door campaign in Manenberg, issuing pamphlets to the residents. The objective was to urge people to stand together against all social issues that are affecting them. Furthermore, the PAGAD members encouraged the residents to mobilize against the drug and alcohol abuse that is affecting our young generation of today. Moreover, they tried to instill a sense of hope in the residents of Manenberg. It was evident that PAGAD had the support of hundreds of people at the flats in Manenberg, and it was also obvious that the people of Manenberg were crying out desperately for assistance.

The tragedy is that the South African Police decided to deploy large numbers of police with armoured vehicles to stop the PAGAD campaign. They, once again, prevented PAGAD from assisting a community that is in desperate need of help. This attitude on the part of the police serves to protect the drug-dealers, and stifles any attempt by communities to unite and defend their children.

The police will, no doubt, seek to hide behind some or other law to justify their actions. Other state agencies will probably defend their actions as well, presumably in the name of the law, and claiming that they need to restore order.

PAGAD holds the view that the law is supposed to protect the innocent and defenseless people, and not the drug-dealers. South Africans are becoming increasingly aware that the police infra-structure is used to bolster criminality and to uphold political self-interests, both at local and national levels.

We wish to put it on record that the action of police today is in keeping with their continued effort to oppose PAGAD wherever we step in to assist. We ask: Why are the police not pursuing the drug dealers and gangsters with such passion? The police are not answering. Maybe there is someone out there that will.

PAGAD will continue to make every effort to provide support to communities who are crying out for help against drugs and gangsterism.


Public Meetings & Mass Marches in Gauteng Region…

PAGAD remains committed in its objective to eradicate gangsterism and drugs. In this regard, we invite all affected communities to the following events in the Noordgesig, Eldorado Park and Actonville regions:

The aim of our campaign in this region is formally re-introduce PAGAD to Gauteng, and to set a tone for all future action in the province. We would like to foster the participation of and dialogue between various stakeholders, including religious congregations, civil society organizations and academic communities, so as to create awareness and motivate commitment at the highest level for a sustainable solution to the drug-abuse and criminality problem that we are forced to endure on a daily basis.

These marches will not only be against the ‘Merchants of Death’ but also against the police for their failure to clean up our areas, and their inability to deal with the corrupt elements in their midst. The time has come for communities to hold the feet of police management, as well as that of the political leadership, to the fire – and in so doing to force them to be accountable to the communities that they serve.

Let us stand together as a united front against this evil scourge affecting our society!